Blowes Clothing Announces the Upcoming Arrival of New Rodd & Gunn Line!

Get Ready!

Blowes Clothing is thrilled to announce the return of Rodd & Gunn, the renowned New Zealand-based menswear brand known for its exceptional commitment to quality and style.


As a company that mirrors this commitment, we are incredibly excited to bring back their timeless and comfortable pieces that draw inspiration from New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes.


The unique blend of premium quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and love for natural fibres and fabrics that characterise Rodd & Gunn’s clothing line aligns perfectly with our own philosophy at Blowes Clothing.


Each of their garments are designed with a deep appreciation for classic tailoring yet reflecting a unique blend of contemporary style, resonates with our customers.


From elegant and durable outerwear to refined casual basics, the upcoming Rodd & Gunn collection at Blowes Clothing is set to offer an encapsulation of effortless style that respects the past while embracing the future. Our team can’t wait to bring these fabulous pieces back into our stores and into your wardrobe!

Rood & Gunn Winter Collection - Jackets, bags, hats, pants
Rodd & Gunn - jumper blue
Rodd & Gunn jumper black
Rodd & Gunn Winter collection - jackets