Adelaide Boot

R. M. Williams
$545.00 $645.00

Please note: Kangaroo products do not ship outside of Australia and New Zealand.

This refined, versatile ladies boot is new from R. M. Williams. It is beautifully and uniquely crafted from one piece of Kangaroo leather in their Adelaide factory. The Adelaide features a feminine toe shape, a lower height profile giving an elegant line into the ankle and a tapered heel with a rubber grip heel piece. The signature RM tugs have been resized and specifically designed for a woman.  

Additional features include a texon board insole, giving a lower toe puff, making the boot light but durable. A 4.5mm welted leather sole allows flexibility of movement and there is a rolled elastic edge trim with fine exquisite stitching around the elastic. Full Poron-padded inner sock adds extra comfort underfoot.

We currently carry stock of the sizes listed, but can organise any size you are after, this will take approx.6 - 8 weeks to make.