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The R. M. Williams Craftsman style is now one of our most sought after boots. If we don't have your size this boot can be Made to Order in 6-8 weeks.

This style was introduced more than twenty five years ago, when traditional customers began asking for a dress boot which could, while preserving the bush character of their workday elastic sided boots, be worn as a dress boot for business, special occasions, or inevitably as the boot you wear when riding in your moleskins at a top camp-draft competition.

The distinctive overall shape of the last was developed in-house by Eric Dragon who was with the Company from 1939 to 1986. The actual toe shape however, was developed from a classic design, which has a European history of some hundreds of years.

Unique one piece fully lined upper with a sewn welt sole construction and classic square toe which moulds to the foot. Supple, comfortable yet durable for everyday/dress wear. Comfortable, flexible, designed for regular use. This boot can be repaired.