Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boot - Nutmeg

$595.00 $645.00


Our biggest selling style. The Dynamic Flex Craftsman has a combination leather and synthetic sole for extra flexibility and a removable cushion insole with arch support. These can be re-soled.

R.M. Williams have used the Nutmeg yearling leather with a raw edge for a great rustic look.  We currently carry stock of the sizes listed, but can organise any size you are after, this will take approx. 6-8 weeks to make.

Please note: Leather colour may vary from boot to boot as these are handmade and nutmeg in particular, has numerous processes to get the leather to this colour. 

Care Instructions

R. M. Williams boots are made to last but even the toughest boots need a little care every now and then. The Goodyear welt construction means soles can be replaced over and over as long you look after your leathers. With every wear, you’ll add character and personality but there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your pair goes the distance.

  • Clean off dirt and grime with a damp cloth or you can use R. M. Williams pH balanced Leather Cleaner
  • Most importantly, every few months, lightly apply Leather Conditioner to keep leather moist and supple
  • Replenish colour and enhance shine by applying Stockman's Boot Polish and buffing briskly with R. M. Williams Medium Brush until the desired shine is achieved
  • If worn in wet weather, make sure you let the leather dry naturally before next wear