R-M-Williams-Dynamic-Flex-Craftsman Boot-oily-Black
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R. M. Williams seasonal craftsman boot beautifully constructed and uniquely made from one piece of waxed and treated kip leather, specially made for Blowes Clothing with the Dynamic Flex sole with a natural edge.

This sole is one of our best sellers as it features a combination leather and rubber sole for added flexibility and softness underfoot.

The heel and tread feature textured rubber pads, ensuring maximum durability and longevity, whilst the leather sole treatment under the arch reflects the stylish finish of the classic Craftsman leather sole. 

As these boots are seasonal, there are limited sizes available.

Ideal for frequent travelers, the Dynamic Flex Comfort Craftsman Boot is fitted with a fibreglass “airport friendly” shank.  The shanks are essential in reinforcing the shape of the boot and provides maximum stability for the wearer.