The right pair of boots will take you places, especially if those are from R.M. Williams or Ariat. 

The shimmering shine or composed matte of soft fine leather, the comfort, confidence, and balance of walking on a natural rubber sole. Imagine the excitement of opening your wardrobe in the morning and knowing that this solid pair of men’s formal boots or eye-catching pair of high-top boots are to accompany your day. They will seamlessly merge with any outfit while standing out and giving you your best look – it’s all a part of R.M. Williams and Ariat experience. 

Quality in every aspect

R.M. Williams and Ariat boots are made of premium leather - they’re meant to last forever. In 1932, R.M. Williams created his first elastic sided men’s boots. Perfected over time, the legendary RMs are still made by hand and built to stay strong on long rides across the Australian outback, but are also ideal for urban adventures. Each boot has its own characteristics. 

  • The Comfort sole is perfect for everyday wear made with a non-slip composition rubber sole that is long wearing. The comfort technology features a fibreglass airport-friendly shank, which reinforces the shape of the boot and supports the arch.
  • The Dynamic Flex Sole is a mixture of Rubber and Leather sole it is long wearing with an orthotic inner sole for additional cushioning and support. It also features a fibreglass airport-friendly shank, which reinforces the shape of the boot and supports the arch. 
  • The Goodyear welt construction is world's best construction ensuring soles are waterproof, strong and flexible. All R.M.Williams boots can be re-soled.

 Ariat is ahead of the boot game too with their Advanced Torque Stability technology, metatarsal support pads and countered heel cradles that give an unmatched level of support to the feet that lasts solid throughout the day.

We have an extensive range of the R.M. Williams boots for men and women and Ariat men’s boots – everything from the timeless Yearling Boots for business casual of any kind to Heritage high top boots that are perfect for a relaxed outing. The models with just the right amount of heel mould to your feet, so comfortably you will forget you’re wearing them. 

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Men's Heritage Roper Boot

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