Choosing the Right Jeans For Your Body Type

When it comes to choosing the right fit for you, understanding your particular body type makes it easier to buy jeans that fit perfectly.

Here is our comprehensive guide suggesting jean styles according to men's body types:

  1. Rectangular body type - Straight fit, low-rise jeans

If you are on the leaner side, you'll tend to have a rectangular body type. Your shoulders, chest, and hips are proportional. You tend to have difficulty gaining weight. Simple, straight-fit, low-rise jeans will suit you perfectly. It will help define your legs and highlight your lean frame. 

  1. Inverted triangle body type - Straight-fit jeans with large pockets

Muscular men who have broad shoulders but a narrow waist are known to have an inverted triangle body type. These men usually have bulkier legs. Straight-fit jeans will give the illusion of slimmer legs. Opt for a jean style with closed and large back pockets. This will make your behind look smaller. 

  1. Triangle body type - Loose jeans with wide legs

These men have narrow shoulders but wide hips. A pair of straight-fit jeans one size up or relaxed-fit jeans will work best. It will help make your body look more proportional. Buying one size up will provide extra waist size and also help you look leaner on the hips. 

  1. Trapezoid body type - Slim-fit, low-rise jeans

Trapezoid body types are athletic men with slim waists and toned legs. While most jeans styles will suit, slim-fit, low-rise jeans will help show off your chiseled mid-rib and toned legs. You can also opt for jeans with wide back pockets to enhance your toned bottom! 

  1. Oval body type - High-rise, straight-cut jeans

These men have larger bellies, thighs, and buttocks. You can benefit from wearing straight-cut, high-rise jeans to control your midsection. A relaxed pair of jeans one size up helps give you a more defined look.