Choosing The Right Shirt / T-Shirt For Your Body Type

According to most health and style experts, men’s body shapes can be roughly broken down into the following five categories. Knowing how your body fits into these is very handy in figuring out which styles might fit best – or be most flattering.

  • Rectangle – with four out of ten men sporting a rectangle physique, this is the most common male body shape. It consists of a fairly flat torso with similar widths across the shoulders and waist. A classic or slim fit will be most flattering.
  • Oval – similar to the rectangle, oval shaped bodies have a larger frame with a wider middle. A classic fit, or an oversize cut will work best for this body type.
  • Triangle – this body shape carries a little more weight on the hips and middle, with slimmer shoulders. A classic cut is a good bet for triangle shapes.
  • Inverted triangle – an athletic body shape, the inverted triangle features broad and muscular shoulders, with a slim waist and hips. A slim fit t-shirt will show off the muscles, but a classic or oversize fit will straighten it out for a more relaxed look.
  • Trapezoid – another athletic build, the rhomboid is a bit less pronounced than the inverted triangle. It’s similar to the rectangle, just with broader shoulders that are wider than the hips. Again, a slim or classic fit will be a good option here.