Durable R.M. Williams belts made of fine Australian leather

NOTE: R.M.Williams products are currently only available in store at one of the five Blowes Clothing stores throughout NSW. Please see further information about our R.M.Williams products here or call 02 6362 8866.

A good belt by itself can create a luxurious look, combine it with jeans or chinos, shirt and boots to create your style.

R.M.Williams is the most iconic Australian brand and its comfortable garments, combined with a memorable design and branded engraving have a long service life. R.M.W belts are made of durable leather and are practical and comfortable to wear. The manufacturer uses different types of leather to suit the taste of even the most fastidious customers.

Create your own stylish look with the R.M.Williams belt

The R.M.Williams belt is an excellent choice for the man who wants to be on trend, yet elegant. The high-quality fittings and laconic design complement your look. With proper care, your belt will last a lifetime.

R.M. belts are available in a wide selection of colours and patterns suitable for business and casual style, so you can pair the belt with both jeans and trousers. R.M.Williams men’s leather belts have a classic buckle, which should be fastened at the third hole according to gentlemen’s dress standards. 

When choosing a leather belt, it is important to take into account that it should match the shoe colour. Classic black and brown R.M.Williams belts make it easy to match the boots with the right tone. In addition, Blowes Clothing you can select a complete look from vests and jumpers and Australian-made knitwear or shirts to boots and

The best quality at a reasonable price

Clothing is about who we are, how we feel and how we want to portray ourselves to the world. We know that clothing and perception are linked. By choosing R.M.Williams you will never regret your choice. Style is a reflection of attitude and personality and R.M.Williams personifies style, quality and comfort. 

Let us here at Blowes Clothing help you define your personal style.