GANT Clothing

GANT is a company driven by a simple idea: Never Stop Learning.

It’s a belief that has guided them since 1949 when Bernard Gantmacher and his two sons founded a shirtmaking company in the college town of New Haven, Connecticut. Through innovative fabric features, Tech Prep™ enhances the timeless GANT look with new technology that supports an active lifestyle.

It’s this drive to continuously adapt and respond to changes in culture and what customers are searching for that makes GANT such a popular brand across Australia. Blowes Clothing are pleased to offer GANT shirts, sweaters and polos online and in our brick-and-mortar stores.

Why Choose GANT For Your Sweaters, Polos & Shirts?

Fast fashion options are often trendy and very affordable. They typically produce all types of menswear, ranging from formal shirts, sports polos and winter sweaters. However, they need replacement every year or so because the material is thin and spoils easily after several regular wash cycles. They are also made hastily by machines to speed up production scale in order to be distributed to as many stores as possible. This means their seams and overall structure are not strong and can loosen or break without much effort.

Like you, Blowes Clothing understands the value of heritage and quality of GANT. Only the best material is chosen for use to produce their polos, shirts and sweaters. There is no need for GANT to constantly keep up with the trend as it relies on classic styles that transcend all seasons in the modern men’s wardrobe. Look smart and feel comfortable in GANT apparels for quality you can trust.    

Shop GANT Menswear At Blowes Clothing

If you are looking to fill your closet with a few quality pieces, you will not go wrong with GANT’s shirts, sweaters and polos. Add them to your cart today to get them shipped straight to your Australian address, or you can visit one of our five physical stores located in New South Wales today.

We also carry local Aussie heritage brands RM Williams shirts, Akubra hats and Ariat boots for more stylish options made with quality materials.

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