R.M Williams’ Exceptional Shirts

R.M. Williams was established in 1932 as a way for Reginald Murray Williams to sell his leather goods. In the eight decades since, R.M. Williams has made a name for itself as a label that combines notions of traditional Australian clothing with contemporary trends. Since its inception, the label has produced consistently high-quality shirts and accessories alongside the famed R.M. Williams boots. This new approach to more fashion-oriented lines creates an interesting relationship between workwear and smart weekend wear – it shouldn’t work, but it does.

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R.M. Williams shirts at Blowes

R.M. Williams himself used a Grazier shirt as part of his uniform throughout his life, and the shirt rightly remains as part of the R.M. Williams collection. The range of R.M. Williams shirts has since expanded to feature many different styles that can be specifically worn for different occasions. This rugged quality found in the shirts is in part due to the brand still being produced in Adelaide, South Australia. Local production ensures the highest quality control possible.

Blowes Clothing stock R.M. Williams shirts that suit a wide range of tastes and can be worn for an assortment of occasions.

Checks and stripes in blues and reds typically dominate R. M. Williams range of smart cotton shirts. These shirts exude quality, being finished with quality touches such as R.M.Williams-branded buttons and two-piece collars with fixed stays. Their comfortable, stylish shirts are suitable for weekend wear or for matching with a tie at the office.

The small touches, combined with the shirt quality, result in clothing that is simply exceptional.

Want to know more about our shirts?

If you have any questions about our range of R.M Williams shirts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also get in touch to conveniently find what shirt colours and sizes we have in stock at Blowes clothing stores. R.M. Williams’ women’s shirts bring the same outback style, and are available here. Blowes also stocks R.M. Williams boots for men and women, in addition to a wide range of R.M. Williams accessories.