Comfort Craftsman Boot - Chestnut

R. M. Williams
$520.00 $595.00

The R. M. Williams Comfort Craftsman is exciting modern evolution of the famous craftsman boot. Beautifully constructed and uniquely made from one piece of leather, our Comfort Craftsman boots come in a range of colours. The Comfort Sole is perfect for everyday wear.

If we have sold out of your size we can arrange boots Made to Order within 6-8 weeks.

Made in their Adelaide factory, these boots feature a classic chisel square toe and flat heel with sewn welt plain non-slip composition sole and comfort innersole. Our Comfort Technology features a fibreglass airport-friendly shank, which reinforces the shape of the boot and supports the arch.

Padded heel lining increases the superior comfort of the insole. Soft, durable microfibre ‘sock lining’ draws moisture away from the foot, allowing it to breathe. Light sole construction increases flexibility while retaining the durability of a composition sole.

Like R.M. Williams himself, from business man to stockman to craftsman, these boots are a Jack of all trades. That's probably why these boots are our biggest seller.

Care Instructions

Material: Yearling leather

R. M. Williams' boots are made to last but even the toughest boots need a little care every now and then. The Goodyear welt construction means soles can be replaced over and over as long you look after your leathers. With every wear, you’ll add character and personality but there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your pair goes the distance

  • Clean off dirt and grime with a damp cloth or you can use R.M.Williams pH balanced Leather Cleaner
  • Most importantly, every few months, lightly apply Leather Conditioner to keep leather moist and supple
  • Replenish colour and enhance shine by applying Stockman's Boot Polish
  • If worn in wet weather, make sure you let the leather dry naturally before next wear